KATE: explanation of the end of the movie KATE released in 2021 and available on Netflix

Warning: there is spoiler in the following!

This is an attempt to explain the sequences of images, inserted in an almost subliminal way, visible towards the end of the film Kate by Cédric Nicolas-TROYAN with Mary Elizabeth WINSTEAD (Gemini Man, Birds of Prey, Destination Finale 3, Die Hard 4 , The Thing,…) and Woody HARRELSON (the  Zombieland, ‌  the VENOM, Born Killers,  Hunger Games, ‌  …).

During the film, you wonder over and over again how Varrick, played by Woody HARRELSON, convinces Kate, played by Mary Elizabeth WINSTEAD, to turn into the dreaded hitman?

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Why is the end of the movie Kate confusing?

It will be necessary to arrive at the end of the film to notice:

  • Varrick tries to recruit Ani, played by Miku MARTINEAU, after she thinks she has killed Kate with a pistol bullet, to avenge the murder of her father by Kate: Ani is therefore convinced to be a criminal Varrick takes advantage of it to manipulate her and enlist her for a new life, a life of a hitman
  • a short footage shows a woman in a hallway slapping a little girl holding a soft toy: is she Kate's mother?
  • we watch Varrick console Kate as a child and wipe her blood off her face, off her lips
  • Another passage shows a room where an arm pulls Kate, a little girl, by the hand, while on a bloodied bed lies an inanimate woman, probably dead: Kate's mother?

Through these footage, we can make a connection between Varrick's attempt at mind manipulation on Ani to recruit her, very well shown, and the same offer of a new life he made to Kate as a child.

How to explain the end of the movie Kate?

We can thus offer two explanations:

  • So Kate allegedly killed her mother after an altercation with her, either on purpose for revenge or by accident, and Varrick took the opportunity to turn her brain around and turn her into the killer she thinks she is.
  • Or it was Varrick who killed Kate's mother and made her bear the guilt before clearing her by becoming her mentor.

There may be another explanation, other meanings hidden in the synopsis of this ultimately not so linear film.

In conclusion...

If this film starts slowly and in a classic way in the manner of John WICK and consors, the scenario of Umair ALEEM is very convoluted and raises many questions to those who are attentive and curious.

The debate is open…

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