What can I watch on Amazon Prime for free?

What can I watch on Amazon Prime for free?

There are many ways to buy cheap in America. Everything from simple savings during discounts to choosing free shipping goes into account. However, the latter is not always fast. Amazon turned speed not only into an advantage, but also created an almost full-fledged service on its basis - Amazon Prime. There is a paid subscription to Amazon Prime, but not always and not for everyone.

What are the benefits of a subscription to Amazon Prime?

The goodies that Amazon bestows on its Prime subscribers can be divided into two categories. Firstly, shopping, and secondly, entertainment. Amazon is not just a store, but a huge machine with separate online entertainment services, and some of them become available to Prime subscribers.

Free shipping from Amazon.

Amazon Prime subscribers can always be content with free 2-day shipping across America. And for certain cities, and even more so, the established terms range from one working day to the day of delivery on the day of order. Perhaps free shipping is Prime's main advantage, but not the only one.

Early access to discounts.

Lighting Deals or Lightning Discounts are another plus for Amazon Prime subscribers. Its availability guarantees access to promotional products 30 minutes earlier than for ordinary customers. During the big sales, which are always announced on Amazon in advance, there is a risk that all the products on sale may be sold faster than you imagine. So having a 30 minute head start is a great advantage.

Amazon Prime Day.

Only Prime subscribers have access to the Amazon Prime Day Annual Sale. This sale allows you to purchase your own Amazon products at a guaranteed discount, as well as products from other manufacturers.

Amazon video services and game bonuses.

Series, movies, and TV shows are included with Amazon Prime. You can watch all this as much as you like. And you can also upgrade in computer games. Prime includes a monthly subscription to the Twitch streaming service, where you can follow reviews, walkthroughs or live streams from gamers. And in some games, free and exclusive inventory will be available to help you win.

Amazon Prime Music.

Amazon sells a lot of music this fall: on vinyl, on CDs, and even electronically. Prime subscribers get access to the Prime Music service, where even the most sophisticated music lover will find great songs for you. After all, the Amazon Prime database has over 2 million tracks from a wide variety of singers and singers. Well, no advertising, of course.

How to subscribe to Amazon Prime

First, about who can subscribe to Prime:

  • You must be registered with Amazon;
  • A working bank card must be linked to your account.

Follow these steps to get a free 30-day subscription:

  • Go to the Amazon Prime Free Trial page;
  • Click on Start Your 30-Day Free Trial;
  • Check if the bank card is indicated correctly, which is used as the main payment method;
  • Check if the billing address is correct;
  • Click Start Your 30-Day Free Trial.

From now on, a free trial period for Amazon Prime will begin. All benefits will be available, but only for 30 days. Then you can either unsubscribe, or buy it for $ 12.99 per month, when needed, or immediately purchase an annual subscription for $ 119.

How to opt out of Amazon Prime

In America, questions about subscriptions to various services are conducted a little differently than in Russia.

If for some reason you did not immediately notice that after the end of the free trial period you have to pay money for the subscription, and they have already been debited from you, then Amazon will easily cancel the subscription and return all the money to the card. And even if you managed to use free shipping, and then decided to return the money and close the subscription, even then Amazon will help. About $ 6 will be debited from such a user, and the rest of the amount will be returned.

A few easy steps to get Amazon Prime for free forever

Of course, the very first way that comes to mind is to use a free trial. Thanks to this opportunity, the user will be able to try out all the benefits that a subscription gives, and decide whether it is needed in the future, whether it is worth paying for it. This is the perfect solution for those people who have never dealt with such subscriptions at all.

Another interesting option is to sign up for the Amazon Prime Student trial subscription. For starters, Amazon gives students the opportunity to subscribe to Prime for free for a period of 6 months. This in itself is very profitable - for half a year you can enjoy all the benefits for free. When this period ends, you will have to pay only $ 5.49 per month per month for four years or after graduation. To receive this subscription, you must provide: the school's email address; letter of enrollment; student card with a validity period.

Another fairly popular way is to get cashback using Amazon Credit or Store Cards. These cards give you the opportunity to get 5 percent cashback when shopping on Amazon. In addition, these cards provide a 2 percent cashback option for restaurants and 1 percent for other purchases.

The most daring option from the proposed one is to become an Amazon partner. It is this method that makes it possible to get a Prime subscription forever, although it is suitable only for those who have their own website or blog.

Every month after the end of the free trial period, you can re-register and receive a new free trial subscription period. True, this is not an entirely honest way.

Discounts on Amazon Prime. Yes, that's right, for some categories of people, Amazon makes a discount on the subscription, and instead of $ 12.99, you can pay $ 5.99. What are these categories?

  • Women, babies and children;
  • Temporary assistance to needy families;
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program;
  • Other what your country of residence has to offer.

Don't forget about coupons. They can be found on dedicated Amazon coupon sites:

How to get Amazon Prime Video for much cheaper

You can simply get Amazon Prime Video for 10 times cheaper, or even for free for a short period of time, by subscribing in another country! See below a comparison of subscription prices in various local Amazon stores.

The technical side of Amazon Prime Video

Despite the fact that the service interface has not  been translated   into Russian, it does not pose insurmountable tasks for the user - all content is divided into categories, among which there are TV shows and films for which subtitles are available.

Prime Video has a flexible subtitle customization system. In addition to the standard design, you can create and save at least three more of your own designs.

The subtitles themselves are available in Russian, English, French, Portuguese. In addition to subtitles, English, Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese audio tracks are available for most of the content presented.

The service also allows you to organize a list of films and series for later. To do this, the viewer just needs to select a picture or show that he wants to watch later and use the “Add to watchlist” function, after which they will appear in the “Watch next” category, as well as in the “Watchlist” column of the viewer's personal menu.

All films and TV series present on the service are available in HD quality, but you cannot choose the resolution yourself - just switch to SD. The rest of the time, the service will automatically select the quality that suits the current level of the user's Internet connection.

While watching a TV show or a movie, the viewer can access brief information about the actors who are in the frame and find out a random fact about the movie. This feature, accessed from the left corner of the screen, is called X-Ray.

What to watch in Amazon Prime Video

On November 18, 2016, The Grand Tour, the spiritual successor to Top Gear, premiered at the online cinema. The hosts of the famous British program Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond reunited together after Jeremy's dismissal and went about their favorite business - joking and driving in expensive cars through picturesque places.

The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime Video

While BBC executives admit that Clarkson's departure was their fault, The Grand Tour is doing well. At the moment, this is the most popular show of the service and the most downloaded show on the Internet by pirates.

Prior to The Grand Tour, the most watched show on Prime Video was The Man in the High Castle. The adaptation of the novel of the same name by Philip Dick tells about an alternative reality in which the world is divided between Germany and Japan, which won the Second World War. The first season of the series was warmly received by critics and received two Emmy awards.

Another original Amazon project that has won the love of critics is Transparent. The comedy show follows the changes in the life of a Jewish family from Los Angeles after the head of the family announced that he was a transgender woman. The two seasons have received a total of two Golden Globe Awards and eight Emmy Awards. The third season also received three Globe nominations.

Watch Transparent on Prime Video for free with 30 days trial

In addition, Prime Video provides exclusive access to the comedies Mozart in the Jungle and Red Oaks, as well as the crime dramas Bosch and The Hand of God.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Amazon Prime have a free trial?
If you are not ready to immediately buy a paid subscription, then you have the opportunity to try a free 30-day trial and see if you like it or not.

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