What Can I See After Colombiana?

In front of Cataleya, a nine-year-old Colombian girl, her parents are killed. She flees to the US to live with her uncle Emilio (Curtis). Fifteen years pass, Cataleya works for her uncle as a hitman and secretly plans revenge on the gangsters who killed her parents.
What Can I See After Colombiana?

What is Colombiana about?

In front of Cataleya, a nine-year-old Colombian girl, her parents are killed. She flees to the US to live with her uncle Emilio (Curtis). Fifteen years pass, Cataleya works for her uncle as a hitman and secretly plans revenge on the gangsters who killed her parents.

For several years, Kat has learned the skill of a professional killer and now she wants revenge. She has a difficult task - to unravel the crime of the past. As a result of the investigation, the identity of a Colombian drug lord named Don Lucia emerges. It is with him that the girl is going to settle scores. The only thing Kat is dear to in this world is her lover. Even he doesn't know that his girlfriend is a master assassin.

What to watch after Colombiana - a list of films

1. Mechanic (2011), thriller, crime, action movie.

Arthur Bishop doesn't fix machines at all, despite being nicknamed The Mechanic. He is a professional cold-blooded killer who works for a certain Organization and is its best employee. It becomes known that the killer's friend and colleague Harry is betraying the Organization. Arthur is forced to kill the traitor, no matter how much he wants to. Suddenly, Harry's son, Steve, who wants to master the art of sowing death, is stuffed into his pupils. Also unexpectedly, Arthur finds out that Harry was set up, and Steve ... Appearances can be deceiving. An ordinary person can be a first-class killer. A hero whose craft is to gracefully eliminate his targets.

2. Point of No Return (1993), thriller, drama, crime, action movie.

Young drug addict Maggie is sentenced to death for killing a police officer. When Maggie thinks death is inevitable, some secret government organization will keep her alive. The price for salvation is work for this very organization: the girl undergoes special training and becomes a professional killer, eliminating those whom the authorities point out. It's a brutal job, and the more cold-blooded tasks Maggie does, the more...

3. Kill Bill: Movie 1 (2003), thriller, drama, crime, action movie.

The mysterious gangster Bill, right during the wedding ceremony, shoots the Black Mamba, a hired killer who was pregnant at that time. After such a wound, she had to lose not only the child, but also her life, but the Black Mamba turned out to be a tough nut to crack and survived. After a four-year stay in a coma, the girl came to her senses. She did not immediately manage to restore the events of the past in her memory, but over time, the memories returned, and she caught fire with a single goal: to find and kill everyone ...

4. Nikita, thriller, detective, drama, crime, thriller.

One day, a troubled young girl named Nikita is saved from death by a secret American agency called Division. The employees of this agency convinced Nikita that she had a unique chance to serve for the good of her state, but their true goal was to turn the girl into a killing machine. The people Nikita trusted betrayed her, and in the end, she had to flee. After spending three years wandering, she decided to use the skills she learned in Division...

5. John Wick (2014), thriller, crime, action movie.

John Wick is a killer who has now retired and leads a quiet life, far from criminal. After the death of his wife Elena, who died of an unknown disease, John only had two things dear to him in his life: a 1969 Mustang car, and Daisy the dog - the last reminder of his dead wife. But John loses both when he unwittingly gets involved with the Russian mafia based in New York. The head of the mafia, Viggo Tarasov, used to be John's employer, and John himself helped ...

6. Leon: The Professional (1994), thriller, drama, crime, action movie.

Leon is a professional killer, but others do not know about it. After all, people know only the outer part of his existence, in which he is a decent citizen, doing gymnastics, visiting cinemas and caring for his favorite flower. One day, Leon becomes an unwitting observer of a murder in a neighbor's apartment. The criminal, whose face he did not see, dealt with almost the entire family, but Leon managed to shelter the little girl at home. A neighbor begins to learn the craft of Leon, so that in ...

7. Everly (2014), thriller, action movie.

Everly is a young girl who found herself without money, but was forced to support her little daughter and elderly sick mother. To earn a living, she decided to start working for the mafia and ended up in a criminal gang. Very soon, the leader of the gang fell in love with her and became her lover. However, Everly understood that she could not live long, being associated with crime. So she decided to run away from Japan to America. She betrayed her lover, the leader of the gang, to the police and tried to escape, but the bandits did not ...

8. Prisoner (2012), thriller, action movie.

USSR fell. As soon as the borders opened, criminal gangs flooded into Eastern Europe. Two powerful clans settled in the capital of the Czech Republic, where the leaders of criminal operations around the world. Each gang wants to gain unlimited and sole power. To achieve their goal, the leader of the Suver mafia hire a professional killer to eliminate competitors. Ray Carver is an assassin. He is ready to destroy anyone for a decent price. But the last order he fails ...

9. The Way of the Blade (2008), thriller, drama, crime, action.

During a business meeting between influential Greek mobster Virgil Vadalos and the head of the MS-13 criminal group, an unforeseen incident occurs: an armed woman bursts into the room, stabs the MS-13 leader with a knife and wounds Vadalos, leaving him to die. The Mafiosi survives and orders his men, as well as corrupt policemen, to find a dangerous girl, who is his mistress Raina. And while the subordinates of Vadalos are looking for the killer, Raina herself deals with ...

10. Haywire – Knockout (2011), thriller, drama, action movie.

A young girl named Melory Kane becomes a secret agent and undergoes special training, easily learning all the skills, excellently versed in all types of weapons and mastering martial arts. She is sent on the most important tasks with which she successfully copes, but one day, after the failure of one secret operation, everything changes dramatically: Melori realizes that she was used in a dangerous game and betrayed. Now Melori is forced to hide from the international search service and save her…

11. Kite (2014), thriller, crime, action movie.

The father of the young girl Sava was an honest policeman who opposed the lawlessness that criminal drug cartels are doing. However, he failed to overcome the enemies and fell victim to them. Sava's guardian was his father's partner, Karl Acker, a mysterious man who is not at all an example of an ideal cop, and is no different from the criminals hunted by the police. Aker did not just raise Sava, he turned her into a perfect killer, who must deal with the people responsible for the death of her father...

12. La Femme Nikita – Her name was Nikita (1990), thriller, action movie.

Girl Nikita takes drugs and is involved in petty crimes. One day, together with the same not prosperous friends, they decide to find money. The idea of ​​robbing a pharmacy, the parents of their friend suits everyone. A planned robbery goes awry and turns into a bloody shootout. In the shootout, the criminals die, except for Nikita, as well as several policemen. The girl is arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment. The possibility of a review of the case, looks harsh and ...

13. Requiem for an Assassin (2011), thriller.

The main character of the film is a young beautiful woman, Lucrezia. She is very vulnerable and impressionable. Most of all she loves opera. Lucrezia sings very well herself. But this talented girl is engaged in a criminal profession. She is a hired killer. The heroine always fulfills orders clearly and responsibly. But there comes a time when Lucrezia decides to quit the criminal business and takes the last task. A killer girl needs to kill a popular opera singer who interferes with a large company.

14. Hannah. Perfect Weapon (2011), Thriller, Drama, Adventure, Action.

Hannah is 16 years old, but she is an unusual teenager. Her father Eric was involved in her education, all the time she lived in a remote part of Finland. Hanna has no understanding of what the youth lives in, but she speaks several languages ​​perfectly, has the ability of a killer. Hanna is sent secretly to Europe to destroy Marissa Wigler, a CIA operative. She kills the woman that Marisa sent along to meet her. Hanna travels to Berlin, where she is to meet her father, on the way she meets…

15. The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996), thriller, detective, drama, crime, action movie.

Samantha Kane leads the life of a decent citizen, raises children and works as a teacher. But this state of affairs has existed for only 8 years, Samantha does not remember the rest of her conscious life due to amnesia. By chance, a woman becomes a victim of an escaped prisoner, against whom she unconsciously used deadly self-defense techniques. Samantha begins to guess that this has to do with her mysterious past, and then hires a detective to find out everything about herself to the smallest detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find a good movie like Colombiana?
To choose what you like, you need to build on the plot of the film. This picture tells the story of a girl, Catalia Restrelo, whose parents were killed many years ago by a gang of bandits. This is a deep picture of love, loyalty, betrayal and revenge. Therefore, look for similar movie plots.

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